After 33,000 hours, Isuzu engine gets new life with Mack Boring rebuild

Rhode Island lobsterman Bill Long learned long ago that if he is good to his Isuzu E120 diesel, the engine will return the favor. After 23 years and 33,000 hours of service, rather than retire his “old friend”, Long chose to send the engine to Mack Boring to be rebuilt. The Isuzu stood up to the rigors of commercial fishing, including the continual start and stop demands of tending 300 to 400 traps per day, up to 40 miles offshore. The engine also powered the hydraulic system, running a hauler, winches and net drum. In return for routine maintenance, and a habit of keeping engine rpm’s in the 1800 range, the engine gave Long what Isuzu diesels are famous for — extended, profitable and dependable service life. Rebuilt by Mack Boring, the Isuzu is now ready to do it all again.

rebuilt IsuzuLobsterman Bill Long, with Mack Boring’s Karl Halozan, gets a first look at his nicely rebuilt Isuzu E120 engine.