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Scania Description

Scania is one of the quietest, cleanest, and most efficient engines you can own. They deliver impressive power with unbeatable economy, durability and reliability for new boats or for repower.

  • Superb power-to-weight ratio
  • Compact design — easier fit; improved serviceability
  • Maximum power from way down the rev range

Designed for economy and reliability.

Scania engines are robustly engineered to perform superbly, even under tough operating conditions.

  • Energy Management System (EMS), combined with electronic unit injectors, yields higher power outputs, lower fuel use and low emissions.
  • A host of innovative design features reduce stress, improve efficiency, and extend engine life.

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High up-time, low operating costs. No break-in required.

Whether your boat is a revenue producer or is providing a vital service, its value is measured in up-time. With a 500 hour oil change interval, compared to the usual 250 hours, Scania permits you to run your boat 60% longer before routine maintenance.

  • Centrifugal oil cleaner ensures cleaner oil, extends service intervals
  • Modular engine design simplifies service
  • One man service concept
  • Factory break-in enables you to get right to work without restrictions

Scania design for a cleaner environment