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Steyr Engine Features

SE Series 6-Cylinder Diesel Engines

Advanced Monoblock Design

In the STEYR MOTORS Monoblock engine design, the traditional engine block and cylinder head are made as a single casting, using a special high tensile alloy. By eliminating high torque cylinder head bolts and the gasket, cylinder roundness is not compromised. Additionally, stress is reduced by elimination of temperature variations caused by “hot spots” around cylinder head bolt locations. The engine Monoblock is completely encased in an aluminum housing which reduces stress, allows more uniform cooling and also reduces noise and vibration transmission throughout the boat. The aluminum shell, not the engine block, support auxiliaries such as the starter, intake and exhaust manifolds, making it easier to adapt the engine to unique applications.

Two-stage unit injectors

The STEYR MOTORS Monoblock engine is equipped with high pressure electronically controlled STEYR MOTORS unit injectors with two stage injection nozzle and up to 2000 bar injection pressure. Design and material selection have been especially matched to operate the engines with many types and qualities of fuels such as Diesel (F54, EN 590ff), Kerosene (JP8 / F34) or Maritime Diesel fuel. With the STEYR MOTORS HDS™ (Hybrid Drive System), the worldwide first “parallel” hybrid propulsion system, STEYR MOTORS combined both a motor and generator function in one hybrid unit – a trendsetting product that can be installed on all engines and drive combinations.

Engine Management System (EMS) & Engine Control Unit STEYR MOTORS develops its own EMS software, including diagnostic tools; no time consuming and costly dependency on outside sources. Engine Control Unit (ECU) hardware and wiring harnesses are procured from suppliers, according to STEYR MOTORS specifications.

Rapid prototype development for boat builders

  • Engine experts and software developers work closely to speed prototype production
  • Integration of additional sensors and algorithms are possible
  • Software modifications are made by Steyr’s own developers

Support of Open Standards

  • SAE J1939
  • ISO15031
  • ISO15765
  • ISO11898