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Mitsubishi Commercial Marine Engines

All Mitsubishi engines are designed and built to deliver on high performance as well as exceptional fuel efficiency. From the combustion chamber design to the direct fuel injection technology, from the turbocharger to the advanced cooling system – everything has been perfectly balanced to provide a highly economic operation and optimum fuel consumption across the entire power curve.

Model Rating Horsepower RPM Tier Weight (lb)
S6B3-Y3MPTAW Heavy Duty 429 1960 US Tier 3 2889
S6A3-Y3MPTK Medium Duty 543 1840 US Tier 3 4100
S6R-Y3MPTAW Heavy Duty 630 1600 US Tier 3 6240
S6R2-Y3MPTAW Medium Duty 803 1400 US Tier 3 6395
S12R-Y3MPTAW-3 Heavy Duty 1260 1600 US Tier 3 11731
S16R-Y3MPTAW Heavy Duty 1676 1600 Us Tier 3 14950