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Isuzu Industrial Engines

Isuzu diesel engines are quite possibly the longest lasting diesel engines in the marketplace. With numerous equipment owners experiencing 20,000, 30,000 – even 40,000 hours before engine overhaul, there is substance behind the Isuzu Motors Ltd. Corporate Vision: “Isuzu Will Always Mean the Best”. Isuzu Motors enters Tier III and Tier IV with an exciting new lineup of electronically governed common rail diesel engines available to you.

Model Rating Horsepower RPM Tier Weight (lb)
3CH1 Std Output 23.9 3000 Tier 4F
4LE2T Std Output 48 2400 Tier 4F
4LE2X Std Output 62 2400 Tier 4F
4JJ1T Std Output 70 2000 Tier 4F
4JJ1X Std Output 113 2200 Tier 4F
4HK1 Std Output 188 2000 Tier 4F
6HK1 Std Output 293 2000 Tier 4F