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Yanmar Recreational Sailboat Engines (14-160 HP)

We offer inboard sail engines ranging from 14-160 horsepower and saildrive units ranging from 14-80 horsepower. The beautiful simplicity of Yanmar Saildrives makes it the sensible choice for numerous types of boats. With its’ dual diaphragm design, the Saildrive has truly earned its name as a “Safedrive” system through the elimination of leaks. The design also eliminates shaft vibrations as well as noise, alignment, and stuffing box problems. The logical power to prop direct drive combines all the advantages of the outdrive-inboard systems and has now been well accepted in boating circles.

Model Rating Horsepower RPM Tier Weight (lb)
2YM15 PD 14 3600 227
3YM20 PD 21 3600 266
3YM30AE PD 29 3200 280
4JH45 PD 45 3000 485
4JH57 PD 57 3000 485
4JH80 PD 80 3200 505
4JH110 PD 110 3200 505
6BY3-160 PD 160 2800 723