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Application Profiles

Snow Melting Equipment

A leading maker of snow melting equipment markets their equipment to snow contractors, facilities managers, municipalities and airports. The snow melters rely heavily on the dependability of their multi-million Btu burners and the onboard diesel generator to keep the equipment up and running. A GPP diesel generator runs the burners and provides the power necessary to pump hot water through a sprayer system, helping to melt the fresh snow as it is dumped into the hopper. The equipment’s strong track record for reliability rests heavily on the GPP generator’s ability to perform. What’s more, the generators quiet operation becomes an important selling
feature for customers concerned with residential and shopping environments.

Homeland Security Screening Equipment

GPP routinely works with OEM’s to meet their unique diesel application demands. A builder of highly-innovative homeland security equipment asked Global Power Products to build a generator to power their x-ray inspection system mobile imaging module. GPP designed a complete generator with enclosure to meet all military de-rate requirements. As an added challenge, it was required to be EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) proofed.

Repair Barge, Norfolk, VA

Salvation Army Field Kitchen

Primary power provided by a GPP 60kW open frame diesel generator.