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Custom Generators

We’re experts at engineering highly specialized generators. If you have unusual application requirements, you do not need to compromise on a generator that may not meet your expectations. Our production flexibility permits us to modify a standard production unit to your needs. Or, we can engineer a totally unique unit from the ground up.

GPP engineers routinely design equipment to meet unique requirements, including extreme temperatures, wind, blowing sand, radiation and even radar avoidance.
GPP generators are used in demanding commercial, industrial, military and homeland security applications.They’re running around the globe, from the deserts of the Middle East and Bermuda estates, to Minnesota airports and the Arctic Circle. Just some of the custom generator applications we have engineered include:

    • Arctic Circle with sub-zero start systems to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Iraqi Desert with derate for extreme heat
    • Rocky Mountains with derate for high altitude
    • Venezuelan fishing barges, salt water resistant with derate for humidity
    • Caribbean seaside with aluminum enclosures and stainless exhaust
    • Mobile satellite vehicles with 1-side service
    • Wall-mount cell tower stations with unique meter and control requirements
    • Homeland security screening sites with lightweight, quick-service generators
    • Mobile trailers with extended service intervals
    • Ice cream trucks with 3 phase generators wired to run 3 separate


If you have a specific need and are looking for help getting started, please contact us at,
or call 800-709-0671 to speak to our design team.
Custom design is one of our strengths.