After completing this course, Dealer technicians should understand the basic functions of the Yanmar GM, YM, JH(Non-Common rail) engine families and be able to carry out repairs. The technician should understand the Yanmar Dealer Website(YDS) used for parts and service manuals.

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Course Content:

Diesel engine fundamentals

Cooling System

Fuel System

Preventive maintenance

Adjustments and minor repairs

Proper methods of troubleshooting and diagnosing.

Engine break in

Installation review

Sail Drive introduction

Sail Drive basic trouble shooting and installation procedures.

Yanmar Dealer Website(YDS)

 Target Group:
New Technician

Repair Technician


Tools to be brought to class by the technician.  Technician will not be allowed in class and will be sent home. (No Refund)

 1)    Laptop

2)    YDS Access (Must be acquired before class, allow 15 days for processing)