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Steyr Motors Description

SE Series 6-Cylinder Diesel Engines

STEYR MOTORS 6 Cylinder SE-Series diesel engines have been engineered without compromise. They are designed for high performance and continuous rating. Their unique Monoblock design utilizes the most durable heavy duty materials for the core engine and encapsulates it with a lightweight and durable aluminum shell. High pressure unit injector technology enables excellent torque and speed range. The complete engine package is ideal for sterndrive, transmission, and water jet systems. Outstanding features of the STEYR MOTORS diesel engines are characterized by quick response and impressive acceleration.

  • Advanced Monoblock Design: The STEYR MOTORS Monoblock engine is a single casting made from a special high tensile alloy. Read more
  • 2-stage unit injector technology: Ensures smooth, quiet operation. Read more
  • Engine Management System: Developed by Steyr engineers to optimize performance. Read more
  • STEYR MOTORS engines are specifically designed and built for marine applications.
  • Wide range of fuel grades accepted
  • STEYR MOTORS Monoblock engines are highly regarded by boat builders and operators around the world.
  • Valve seats from “Stellit” material; inserted valve guides.
  • Cooling water flow provides uniform and effective cooling in the most critical upper section of the cylinder line
  • Engineered for long life
  • Cast aluminum engine housing with integral oil pan supports auxiliaries such as the starter, intake, and exhaust manifolds; facilitates adaptation to unique applications; reduces noise and engine related vibration transmitted into the hull.
  • Lowest weight in the class (2.6 lb/HP)
  • Unrivalled compact dimensions
  • Highest power density (up to 92 HP / lt.)
  • Lowest fuel & oil consumption
  • Superior reliability and operational safety

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