Marine Engine Line-Up

Scania’s marine engine platform is a complete range of EPA Tier 3 13- and 16-litre benchmark engines for both propulsion and auxiliary applications. From propelling fast patrol craft to pushing heavy river barges upstream, there’s a Scania marine solution for you.

Scania 13 Liter Propulsion Engines

250 HP - 800 HP
1800 RPM - 2300 RPM

Engine Download Spec Sheet
Scania DI13 080M 03-62A 250Hp
Scania DI13 080M 03-62B 300Hp
Scania DI13 080M 03-62C 350Hp
Scania DI13 080M 03-62D 400Hp
Scania DI13 081M 03-64A 450Hp
Scania DI13 081M 03-64B 500Hp
Scania DI13 082M 03-66A 450Hp
Scania DI13 082M 03-66B 500Hp
Scania DI13 083M 03-68A 550Hp
Scania DI13 083M 03-68B 600Hp
Scania DI13 085M* 03-70A 650Hp
Scania DI13 085M* 03-70A 650Hp
Scania DI13 088M* 03-86A 650Hp *Keel Cooled Only
Scania DI13 088M* 03-86B 700Hp *Keel Cooled Only
Scania DI13 088M* 03-86C 751Hp *Keel Cooled Only
Scania DI13 086M* 03-71A 600Hp
Scania DI13 086M* 03-71B 675Hp
Scania DI13 087M* 03-83A 650Hp
Scania DI13 087M* 03-83B 700Hp
Scania DI13 087M* 03-83C 700Hp
Scania DI13 087M* 03-83E 750Hp
Scania DI13 087M* 03-83G 800Hp
Scania DI13 304M - 900Hp

Scania 16 Liter Propulsion Engines

550 HP - 900 HP
1800 RPM - 2300 RPM

Engine Download Spec Sheet
Scania DI16 080M 03-61A 550Hp
Scania DI16 080M 03-61B 625Hp
Scania DI16 080M 03-61C 700Hp
Scania DI16 081M 03-63A 650Hp
Scania DI16 081M 03-63B 700Hp
Scania DI16 082M 03-65A 800Hp
Scania DI16 083M* 03-67A 800Hp

Engine Accessories

Each Scania engine comes standard with a Base 2.1 Monitoring System. This system incorporates a junction box and a Auto-Maskin DCU210E Monitoring Panel Monitoring System this systems comes standard with a 3m harness to the juntion box (typically mounted in an engine room) and a 6m harness that runs from the junction box to the helm panel.