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The 1920's

It was the early 1920’s when founder Ed McGovern Sr., a WWI Navy Veteran, started servicing and repairing engines in the basement of his Newark, New Jersey home. His nickname was “Mack” and “boring” was one of his thriving machine shop’s specialties; grinding and refitting holes in crank blocks for engine cylinders were among the others. In 1922, Mack opened a 500 sq. ft. machine shop in Newark, New Jersey and aptly named it Mack Boring & Parts Company. Its quality work and reliability led to rapid growth and the move to an even larger facility.

The 1930's

The 1930s saw Mack and his Mack Boring & Parts Company continue to prosper in a 10,000 sq. ft. facility. At the rapidly growing automotive machine shop superior workmanship and reliable service kept the business going, even through the tough depression years.

The 1940's

During WWII Mack Boring & Parts Company ran three shifts a day, doing mainly War Department reman work. Following the end of World War II, Ed McGovern Jr., a Navy war veteran and airplane pilot, joined the company and became his father’s partner. In 1949, two major distributorships, Continental Motors and Gray Marine Engines were acquired and tremendous company growth followed.

The 1950's

Company efforts during the decade of the 1950s were centered on growing and expanding the Continental and Gray Marine lines. In 1959, the first Mack Boring & Parts Company branch was opened in Lynnbrook, New York

The 1960's

Ed Jr. signed on with Perkins Diesel in 1964 and popularized the first turbo diesels in the recreational marine marketplace. Chrysler Industrial and Marine came on board two years later. In 1966, Mack Boring & Parts Company moved its operations and headquarters to a state-of-the-art five-acre location in Union, New Jersey. In 1968, Ed “ Ned” McGovern III, joined the company after serving with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam. In 1969, Engine City Technical Institute was founded.

The 1970's

In 1974, Ed Jr. and Ned came across an unknown Japanese diesel: 8-horsepower, 1-cylinder horizontal piston engine with a peculiar design. It was tested and found to be of high quality and virtually unstoppable. Ed purchased 100 units and introduced the first Yanmar engines into the U.S. marketplace. After 3 years at sea, Steve McGovern joined the company, bringing with him a 100-ton CG license and a vast knowledge of sailing ships, tugboats and yachts. His marine experience helped popularize Yanmar in the sail market and in five brief years it became the top selling sailboat diesel engine in the U.S., a coveted title it still holds today. During the decade, Steve played a vital role in developing Mack Boring & Parts Company’s exceptional dealer service programs for diesel engines.

The 1980's

In 1980 Mack Boring & Parts Company added a New England division, in Braintree, Massachusetts, providing greater service and faster delivery to valued customers throughout the Northeast. During the late 80s and into the early 90s, the company began introduction of Yanmar industrial diesels into the U.S. Military marketplace. Ned oversaw the first air-cooled diesels installed into the 2kW and 3kW TQG military generator programs.

The 1990's

n 1991, Ed Jr. passed away and Ned became President while Steve assumed the role of Vice President. In 1997, Ned and Steve opened Mack Boring & Parts Company’s first Southeastern branch in Wilmington, North Carolina. During 1998, Patrick McGovern joined the company and was part of the next wave of growth. Mack Boring reorganized into 5 strategic business units, and a strong management team was assembled and developed using efficient planning models. Revenue and market share increased greatly.

In 1999, the Marine Transmission Center was launched for OEM distribution of marine gears and propulsion systems. In the same year, Global Power Products™ brand generators and pumps were introduced. Isuzu Motors joined the Mack Boring & Parts Company lineup of 100+ horsepower industrial engines as well.
The company’s proud tradition of service excellence was recognized in 1998 when the company was chosen as a semi-finalist for the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Awards.

The 2000's

With the fourth McGovern generation working at the company, the private family-owned Mack Boring & Parts Company entered the new millennium with robust growth and an award winning customer focus. Scania diesel, Mitsubishi, and Aquadrive distributor ships were acquired.
Today, Mack Boring & Parts Company manages approximately 300 Authorized Dealers across 26 states. Our dedicated staff and highly skilled technicians pledge to continue the tradition of excellence as we continue to provide you with The Power To Go There.