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Recreational Marine Engines

Yanmar is the first name in 14-440 HP Recreational Marine diesel power. Suzuki is known for their innovation and reliable product line-up. ePropulsion is pushing the boundaries of how we see electric powered motors and solutions. Find out what it means to experience the power of the market’s preferred line-ups, supported by Mack Boring & Parts Company, one of the most established and reliable supply partners around.


Yanmar is the nation's leading supplier of marine diesel engines for repowering and new boat construction. Yanmar's lightweight diesel engines are of high performance: smooth-running, clean, fuel-efficient and built to last.

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No other outboard company can draw on Suzuki’s technology and experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, market.

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ePropulsions goal is to enrich the boating experience, whilst providing a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere for marine life and the surrounding environment.

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