During the T4F Electronic Controls and Diagnostic course, you will gain experience with the latest Isuzu engines, their operation, technologies, needed diagnostics, system identification, and E-IDSS usage. At the end of this course, you will be able to identify and distinguish current Isuzu engines, understand the complex emission component changes, understand and diagnose the engines and use the E-IDSS scan tool for diagnostics and repairs.

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  • Hands-on workshop with engines & test equipment
  • T4F electronic control system introduction, operation and diagnostic process & procedures
    • Changes for the iT4
    • Regeneration Function and Diagnostics
    • Changes for the T4F engines (4LE2 through 6WG1)
    • SCR Function and Diagnostics
  • Use of electronic and hard copy publications
    • Systems & Diagnostics PowerPoint training modules
    • Workshop manual
    • Owner/User manuals
  • Use of E-IDSS Diagnostic Tool
    • Fuel injector replacement with QR code programming
    • ECU reflash and replacement programming
    • Engine actuator testing with diagnostic & failure modes
    • Sensor performance with DTC (Fault Code) diagnostics and analysis
  • Test based - Certificate of completion available through the Training Website

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