Diesel engine owners of every style sailboat, from 20 ft. to over 45 ft. with less than 110 HP have improved their maintenance and emergency repair skills through Mack Boring's training program. Learn hands-on training from Factory Certified Yanmar Instructors and join more than 20,000 students who are better prepared and enjoy boating even more. Attendees will learn to: * extend engine life * work on like owned diesel engines * perform basic maintenance * learn repair signals * run a cleaner engine

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In the 2-day Hands-On Class from Mack Boring & Parts Co. students will learn how to perform routine maintenance as well as how to break down an engine to perform emergency repairs. The class is over 60% hands-on, working on Yanmar engines. The class takes a practical approach, with an emphasis on how to deal with the unexpected. Students learn by doing. By the end of Day 2, they will have bled the fuel system, changed the impeller, checked the injector system, torqued the head bolts and more.

The course describes essential repair parts to keep on board, how to use them and where to purchase them. Nearly every maintenance and repair procedure will be addressed with tips and shortcuts to make engine work easier and keep your boat operating cleaner. Take home reference manuals include charts, diagrams and step by step repair instructions.