An Essential Spring 2021 Checklist for Preparing Your Engine

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If you’re like us, you’re a boater that expects the unexpected and understands the true value in preparation. For many boaters, end-of-winter maintenance sets the stage for springtime castoffs, and they want to make sure all items on their checklist are complete before hitting the water.

To help you get your engine ready before boating season, we’ve created a comprehensive and thorough checklist to help you organize and strategize your maintenance plan this year.

Whether you’re a new boater or new engine owner—or looking to add to your current Spring 2021 preparation checklist—these pointers are an excellent place to better your engine maintenance plan.

Perform a Full and Thorough Cleaning

One of the most basic elements of your Spring 2021 Engine Checklist should be a thorough cleaning of your vessel in general. Use a mild cleaning product or detergent for areas such as the hull and deck, and opt for more aggressive cleaners for areas that require it for the removal of harmful bacteria, algae, and molds.

Inspect and Attend to Your Engine Carefully

Now, it’s time to move on to your engine: the very heart of your vessel. Depending on the specifications of your boat and engine model, your inspection and maintenance plans will very. Below, we’ve offered some general checklist items that may apply to all engines to which you can add to complement your current practices and procedures:

  • Inspect fuel lines for any obvious wear-and-tear. Things to look for include cracking or brittleness in the line material.
  • Inspect your vessel’s fuel tanks. Paying particular attention to leak-prone areas and metal abnormalities, such as rusting.
  • Clean and adjust, as necessary, all electrical lines and connections. Do not skip this step, as failure to inspect materials interacting with electricity can be a critical fire hazard.
  • Inspect your cooling systems. Prevent overheating by changing coolant if necessary. Keeping extra fluid onboard can save you in an emergency in the future.
  • Inspect and, if necessary, replace spark plugs. (Gas engine Only!)
  • Lubricate moving parts and joints.

Why Choose Mack Boring & Parts Co.?

Your time is precious, and our highly trained dealer service network is committed to making your spring maintenance and inspection plan a seamless and convenient process. Enjoy prompt assistance from one of our trained service dealers that have the success and performance of your engine at the top of their mind. Find your local service dealer here.

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